White juicy fish, smoked salmon, capers & mixed salads flavored with herbs & green olive oil


with sour cheese, cherry tomatoes of Santorini, caper leaves, pickled gherkin

Greek Salad,

Tomato, cucumber, feta cheese from the barrel, olives of Kalamata, capers, dry bread of Crete

Salad Of Wild Rocket,

with crispy bacon, graviera from Naxos, sesame, honey sauce, balsamico vinegar di Kalamata

Mixed Fresh Mesclun,

With grilled apricots,grilled Parma ham, mozzarella & almond praline sauce

Cold & Hot Starters

Homemade Fresh Bread,

With dip & olives

Mediterranean Fish Soup,

Flavored with saffron

Pasteli Of Goat Cheese,

With thyme honey & beetroot jam

Tartar Of Fresh White Fish,

With citrus fruit flavor

Sauteed Prawns In Assyrtiko Of Santorini,

With spicy red pepper pesto

Scallops Sauteed,

With smoked bacon & gorgonzola sauce

Wild Mushrooms Sauteed,

In butter & thyme

Grilled Mastello of Chios,

With homemade fig jam

Ceviche Of Salmon,

With lime & coriander, toasted bread, butter & capers

Steamed Mussels,

With Nychteri white wine & thyme

Mashed Yellow Split Peas,

From Santorini with asparagus & truffle oil

Tomato Croquettes,

From Santorini with katiki Domokou

Grilled Squid Marinated,

In olive oil - lime, on warm mashed yellow split peas with truffle aroma

Grilled Prawns,

Flavored with garlic oil & herbs

Grilled Octopus,

With soft beans tarama

Traditional Cuisine

Pork Souvlaki,

pita, french fries, tzatziki, onion, tomato

Chicken Souvlaki,

pita, french fries, aromatic yoghurt

Mousaka of Santorini,

With white eggplant of Santorini

Juicy Pork Chops,

From grill pita, french fries, tzatziki, onion

Chicken Gyros,

Pita, french fries, yoghurt sauce

Pasta & Risotti

Linguini With Chicken Fillets,

Mushrooms, estragon with white sauce

Ghiouvechi Of Wild Mushrooms,

With Katiki Domokou & truffle oil

Linguini With Fresh Salmon,

Ouzo flavor, dill cream, eggs of salmon

Risotto With Zucchini Of Santorini,

saffron, green asparagus, smoked bacon, cheese of los

Risotto With Seafood,

Shell-fish, shrimps, squid, with soft tomato sauce

Black Tagliatelle With Seafood,

Garlic & aromatic tomato sauce

Linguini With Shrimps,

Basil & tomato sauce

Main dishes

Beef Rib Eye Black Angus,

Baby potatoes, smoked paprika, fresh salad

Black Angus Tagliata,

With wild rocket salad & parmesan flakes

Chicken Fillet,

With orange sauce and mashed potato pork fillet with herbs

Juicy Pork Fillet With Herbs,

Dijon mustard sauce and grilled vegetables

Lamb In The Oven,

With red wine,rosemary and mashed white eggplant

Lamb Chops,

marinated with coriander,served with homemade mashed potato

Osso Buco,

Slowly cooked shank of beef with wild rice and mashed potato

Burger Of Beef With B.B.Q. Sauce,

Tomato, lettuce, Cheddar cheese, french fries

Fresh Fish Fillet Of The Aegean Sea,

With mashed beetroots and cauliflower

Grilled Salmon,

Marinated with green lemon and Assyrtiko with mashed celeriac and tomato tartare

Fresh Tuna Fish Grilled,

Vegetable ratatouille, red sweet pepper pesto

Vegetarian Burger,

With king mushrooms and grilled vegetables


Brownies With Walnuts,

Butterscotch and ice cream

Galactoboureco "Safran",

With Ice Cream,semolina cream and caramelized filopastry

Panna cotta,

With strawberry sauce,raspberries and grated biscuit

The Great Story Of Our Culinary Journey

“A Saffron flower has once grown, blown by the harsh wind of the Aegean sea,it’s taste acquired thru the aeons, so unique, but can you see? It’s every golden, glowing stem was made to be truly loved, and cherished by thee.”

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