The Saffron Flower
“A Saffron flower has once grown,
blown by the harsh wind of the Aegean sea,
it’s taste acquired thru the aeons, so unique,
but can you see?
It’s every golden, glowing stem was made to be
truly loved, and cherished by thee.”

A culinary journey by the sea

A seasonal beachside all day restaurant with a magnificent view at the famous black beach of Perivolos. Its unique horizon and clear blue waters laid in front of you while relaxing in the elegant environment of Safran.

The décor is simple yet stylish with handmade wooden furniture and colorful notes. By day you can taste creative snacks by the beach or just relax at the cozy sunbeds accompanied with exquisite cocktails and lounge music.

By night the scenery is changing.  Enjoy a romantic dinner by the beach with slender lighting, tasting delectable dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine along with some of the best wines you ever tasted.

The moonlight and the stars are complimentary.

Mediterranean cuisine reinvented

A tasting journey. Emphasis on high quality raw materials and a new approach to traditional recipes and techniques, make up for  a modern Mediterranean cuisine that travels you through time.

Unforgettable herbs seasonings, excellent ingredients, and use of fresh products are the pillars of Safran’s cuisine. Fresh fish and seafood add up to your degustating experience.

We season with  love and imagination every plate we serve.

A selection of fine Greek wines

Wine is art. Especially in a place like Santorini where wine has been produced since ancient times. Wines made by white grapes such as Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani or by red grapes like Mavrotragano and Mandilaria fill the senses with the flavors of citrus and stone fruits.

Let yourself enjoy exquisite wines from Santorini and the rest of Greece. For those who loves quality cocktails don’t miss trying some of our special recipes.

After all, what else is better than sipping your drink, beachside, on a warm starry night?

Enjoy beach life.

Safran offers the perfect beach experience.

Situated on the magical black sand beach of Perivolos, Safran has created a chilling & luxurious beach setup. Plus size sunbeds and kiosks on the most beautiful beach of Santorini. Savour your cocktail & beach snacks, and enjoy beach life to the fullest. Full beach service available at all times.

After all, dreams are made of sand and sun.

Cold & Warm Appetizers

Seafood soup
flavored with saffron

White fish roe mousse
with crispy Arabian bread slices

Fried zucchini balls with mint
accompanied with yogurt, flavored with aromatic herbs and lemon

Grilled vegetables
marinated with olive oil and Santorinian vinegar

Santorinian fried tomato balls
with katiki (cream cheese) from Domokos

White truffle oil fava
grilled asparagus, prosciutto Serrano

Fresh mussels
steamed in white wine and fresh thyme

Grilled shrimps
marinated with olive oil and herbs

Grilled octopus with smoked paprika
pickled fennel vinaigrette with sweet chili sauce

Roasted calamari marinated with lime
warm fava, chorizo sausage, olive oil-lemon sauce with truffle

Bass fish tartar with citrus fruits
fresh cucumber salad, Asian pesto with sesame oil and soy

Salmon ceviche with lime and mint
toasted bread, mustard butter with capers

in tomato cream with steamed vegetables

Roasted cheese from Chios
accompanied with homemade fig marmalade

Goat cheese cubes in sesame crust
beetroot jam, thyme honey

Fresh salads

Mixed green salad
grilled mushrooms, graviera cheese, aged Assyrtiko wine vinaigrette

Mixed salad
roasted apricots with sage, prosciutto Serrano, mozzarella, almond praline sauce

Santorinian salad with fresh cheese
Santorinian cherry tomatoes, caper leaves, Santorinian cucumber

Greek salad
feta cheese, olives from Chalkidiki, crackers from Kythira

Wild rocket salad with Naxos cheese
crunchy pancetta, roasted sesame, balsamic honey sauce

The Saffron Flower
Pasta & rice

Chicken tagliatelle
mushrooms, tarragon, white sauce

Kritharoto (Greek traditional pasta)
flavored with truffle oil, dressed with katiki (cream cheese) from Domokos

Linguine with fresh salmon
Dill cream with ouzo, salmon eggs

Risotto with Santorinian zucchini and saffron
green asparagus, smoked streaky, cheese from Ios

Seafood risotto

Shrimp Linguine

Lobster spaghetti

Main dishes

Black αngus rib eye steak
fried baby potatoes with smoked paprika, fresh salad

Rosemary flavored Black αngus tagliata
with grilled vegetables

Chicken, cooked at low temperature
roasted carrots with orange and ouzo, fresh yogurt with saffron

Slowly cooked pork fillet with herbs
grilled vegetables, Dijon mustard sauce

Lamb cutlets marinated with coriander
with freshly mashed potatoes.

Lamb cooked in red vine and rosemary
with mashed white Santorinian eggplant

Burger with feta cheese
juicy burger, finely chopped Greek salad, French fries

Sea bass fillet
with beetroot puree & cauliflower puree

Fresh salmon fillet marinated with lime & soy
mashed root celery, tomato tartar, oil lemon sauce with mint

Fresh grilled tuna fillet
warm fava, red pepper pesto with capers and pine nuts

The Saffron Flower

Brownies with nuts
butterscotch and ice cream

Cream custard
semolina cream with caramelized crispy fillo crust

Strawberry mascarpone cream


Perivolos, 84700, Santorini, Cyclades Islands, Greece
Tel. +30 22860 81102 or +30 6944263898
E-mail: info@aegeansafran.com


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